What ecopanels of rye straw and reed are?

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About company
Our company “Ecopanel” produces ecopanels of rye straw and reed and construct ecohouses in Ukraine. Company established in 2014.
Production plant is in the Lviv region (West Ukraine, near Poland border).
Sales office is in Kyiv (capital of Ukraine).
ecopanel production

What ecopanel is?
Ecopanel is the wooden frame filled with high density pressed natural isolation: rye straw or reed (cane).This is like big blocks for the house construction. Ecopanels are bearing load frame and effective insulation simultaneously.
ecopanel rye straw

Sizes and types of ecopanels
Thickness – 400 mm | 600 mm | 700 mm.
Height – accords to floor height up to 4000 mm (step 100 mm).
Width is 400-1200 mm (step 50 mm).
Sorts of produced ecopanels: wall panels, roof panels, ceiling panels, over-door panels, under-and over-window panels, fronton’s panels

Strength and density of insulation
Vertical bearing loading capacity – 8000 kg/sq.m.
Density: rye straw -120 kg/m3, reed – 150 kg/m3.
Allows 3-floor buildings without additional load bearing frame.

Fire safety
Ecopanel, plastered by clay, has high fire resistance.
Certificate of fire resistance class F90 and fire test ASTM E-119 passed, resistance to fire at +900°С during 120 min, without lost of load bearing capacity and significant destruction.
Fire proof performance class – B-s1, d0

Insects and rodents
Rodents don’t eat rye straw and reed, because they consist over 72% of silica.
40-50 mm layer of clay plaster protects from penetration.
Fiberglass mesh and lime add-on, used in the clay plaster layer, protects walls additionally.

Additional advantages

  • 100% ecologically and bio-positive–made of natural materials and positive for human, no magnetic fields influence;
  • Energy efficient–wall panel has 7,5-14,2 m2*K/W and can be used for Passivhaus construction);
  • Short terms construction–one week for assembling walls of 100 sq.m. house;
  • Affordable price–not expensive comparing to traditional materials;
  • High noise protection–up to 54 dB;
  • Micro-climate regulation inside house –ecopanels and clay plaster are vapor permeable materials, “breathable walls”. Clay plaster purifies the air and regulates humidity.
  • Надоконная экопанель

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